You Will Receive 100% of What You Don’t Ask For


So often when connecting with organizations for the first time the communication and their focus is first on what they think they need not what they want.  It is almost a “fearful area” to address what we truly want out of situations we are faced with on a daily basis.

You Will Receive 100% Of What You Don’t Ask For

In asking for what we want; we must have the courageous conversation to clearly communicate.  Avoiding the communication will result in the receipt of 100% of what you don’t ask for.

When I serve an organization I focus on ‘the want’ first, then ‘the need’similar to how I suggest how one serves first, leads second.

I listen for what people really want versus what they say they need.

In my experience we will focus on and take action on what we really want whether it be a change in the organization, relationship to an individual or getting unstuck.

When I hear something is important to somebody my strong opinion is they will have the drive and focus to make the sacrifice for this want.  My favorite two questions:  “What do you really want and what are you willing to do?”

I know my role as an entrepreneur and a leader is more about serving others first, coaching to lead with a servant heart.

Serving others means that we must communicate and ask for what we want.  Lack of communication with those around you will provide 100% of what you did not ask for.  Being clear in communication is the key and the driving force of true performance and achieving the results we desire.

How do you occur within your organization today?

Are you BEing the person you say you want to BE and how are you showing up?  

Are you getting what you asked for?

Are you ‘fearless’ to have the courageous conversation to get the results you want?

Courageous conversations

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