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What kind of leader do you want to become?

Greg equips companies, teams, and individuals to lead from a place of powerful authenticity and uniqueness.

He is committed to guiding leaders and decision-makers to master critical skills like executive leadership, personal accountability, teamwork, and service leadership.  

The Process

Powerful Strategies Rooted in Intentionality and Authenticity

Greg uses a four-step process designed to help clients uncover and implement the key principles vital to becoming a successful leader including life-balance, family, core purpose, and success criteria.




Greg will assess the needs and expectations of new clients to ensure they are a good match. When both parties feel the relationship is a good fit, Greg will host an initial interview to begin their journey to better leadership. 



During this in-depth interview, Greg asks questions such as, “What do you really want in your life and for your business?” “What are you willing to do to get there?” and “What does success look like to you?” These questions help Greg define what strategy is needed to help you grow and develop as a leader. You and Greg will work together to uncover barriers and define areas of opportunity that will become a part of the action plan.



Greg’s goal in this step is to ensure that you are aligned with the strategy. Once an agreement is made about the next steps, it’s time to take action. 


Next steps

In the final phase, actionable steps will be put into place to create shifts around language, communication, and behaviors associated with leading and influencing your key relationships. Greg helps his clients establish new processes to become more effective, compassionate, and selfless leaders.

The End Goal

Transforming into a powerful yet humble and compassionate leader is a journey you’ll be on as long as you are committed to it. When executing Greg’s key strategies, you will have the power to affect how you show up and lead, allowing you to realize your goals and stated measurements of success.

Greg’s process and content are not for the faint of heart, but for committed leaders (and future leaders) willing to look inward to find their best way forward in the service of their teams, their companies, and themselves.

“I love solid, honest relationships and inspiring others to take action. By showing up authentic, passionate, and committed to your team and organization with integrity, you will create success in a variety of areas. This is great proof that predictable results follow these proven principles.”

Greg Aden


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