How May I Serve You?


Being a Leader with a Servant Heart begins the process of developing new ways of communicating with your words and actions with those around you.

How May I Serve You?

How can I help?  One may assume the person needs help which is coming from a place of judgment.  Our perception may not be accurate.

How may I serve?  This comes from a place of “caring” about another with a personal touch and I “want” to help you approach.

“Helping is often an action, whereas serving others comes from a place of BEing!!”

Splitting hairs?  No.  Needing to help versus wanting to serve.  One comes from obligation and if I do this, they may “help” me later in some way.  Service without attachment is what the intent is for the personal experiences we encounter on a day to day basis.  Help comes from our head and Serve comes from our heart.

Maintaining an open heart when we approach challenges and opportunities within our organizations will increase efficiency and performance.

Bringing your organization to a servant heart level will open up the creative flow to identify the best solutions for you and your team.

Where do you serve from?  Is your organization serving with their heart on a daily basis?

Lastly, experiment with this “How may I serve you?” approach with clients, friends and family and watch what happens.  You will influence and impact others in ways that will lead to subtle and profound differences in lives all around you.  Are you ready?

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