Open The Door for Courageous Conversation


Don’t Fear the Leader

Do you remember that old Blue Oyster Cult Song, ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper?’  Well to be a courageous servant leader, you need to promote a culture of ‘Don’t Fear the Leader.’

An open door policy for conversations within your company starts with you, the Leader.

Open The Door For Courageous Conversation Open Doors Create Courageous Conversations

Creating an atmosphere where conversations can take place with an open mind and an open heart with those you lead will offer great growth opportunities within your organization.  Courageous communication will guide you to understand the best way to serve your employees.

How many of you have been asked by your boss or leader…..

What can I do to serve you?

Not many, am I right?

A true servant leader understands it is not a sign of weakness to serve your employees, rather a sign that you are unafraid to face the challenges that may arise from asking the question.  The investment of your time will result in gaining the respect and trust of your employees through openly sharing information about the organization, both the positive and not so positive.  Align your words and actions making it a safe space for everyone to express their perspective.

The results of an open door communication policy will be seen with increased productivity, projects move forward more effectively and you lead an intentional authentic team with out the fears and roadblocks in your conversations.  Developing deeper personal connections with employees through frequent conversations and exchanging ideas will lead to better solutions.  Employees are more engaged when they believe it is safe to express themselves within the organization.

The conversation begins at the top of the organization.

Be the leader your employees do not fear.

Don’t Fear the Leader….

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