What’s Your Aconcagua?


What’s Your Aconcagua?

What’s Your Aconcagua: Clarity of Purpose?

The film, Climb to Freedom, produced by Stephen McGhee, documents the first ever Aconcagua Man Project: a group of seven men who trained for nine months to prepare for an eventual climb and summit of Mt. Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the world outside of Asia. I was fortunate to be chosen as part of this first group, an experience that, as it worked its influence into my life, later became a catalyst for my own personal and career transition.

You can read my detailed account here. When we ask the question, “What’s Your Aconcagua?”, we are asking, what inner mountains challenge you daily to push through obstacles, climb higher and keep going? What is it that gives you drive and passion, even if it’s not always easy? This, of course, is a metaphor for understanding and relating to some of our greatest personal challenges, as well as potentials in life. For me, I didn’t summit Mt. Aconcagua on my first try. Does that mean it was a failure? Not if I choose to recognize what good came out of it and the ways that even attempting it have enriched my journey. Will I try again? Every day.

I would be humbled to have you share “What’s Your Aconcagua?” in the comments section below.

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