New Beginnings

This part of my story begins on Mt. Aconcagua in the Andes mountain range. This is where I met a flash of realization that altered my course for good and has led me into a refreshed journey as a service or servant leadership training consultant and leadership coach.

It was there, with all senses focused on conquering the highest peak in the Americas, that I realized I had already reached my summit… only to find myself on the wrong mountain. As I steadily climbed the peak, my family came into focus in a way that hadn’t been crystallized to me before. Suddenly, while experiencing a powerful internal shift, finishing the climb had lost all immediate purpose. In this moment, I made a clear decision to descend the mountain and direct my attention toward creating a life that would allow me to become family-first oriented. While the shift was immediate, this transition unfolded over time as I unpacked my true intentions and goals in life. Unsure of how to make larger changes that felt so necessary, I began with a sense of inner trust to simply commit to the journey, knowing the path would eventually reveal itself.

Once my intention was set, the wheels were in motion. In the process of recalibrating my trajectory, I uncovered a passion for helping others. Building on 30 years of experience as a top sales producer in the hospitality field, and later, after successfully leading a group of top producers in this same category, I realized a deeper purpose for myself: to serve others through servant leadership coaching and training. Developing leaders instead of managers was something I saw a great need for—in my industry, as well as others.

Today, I serve organizations, teams, groups and individuals to help business professionals—from entry-level associates to C-suite executives—up-level their relationships for personal and professional success in Denver, Colorado, and beyond. On the foundation of my one-of-a-kind model program, What’s Your Aconcagua? Clarity of Purpose, I build custom-designed workshops, retreats and presentations utilizing proven and effective techniques, tools, exercises and activities. Give me a call or send me an email, and let’s talk about how I can serve you.