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Meet Greg Aden

Aden Leadership guides motivated professionals to create alignment with their own purpose so they will become more engaged as influential leaders.

Through consultations, workshops and speaking engagements, Greg and his team will challenge you to commit to your role as a leader with integrity and humility by serving others before yourself.

Greg was widely recognized as one of the most prolific Franchise Sales and Development Directors in the hospitality sector. Today, Greg trains others in the art of selling through intentional communication, relationship building and overall accountability.

He believes the secret is serving from a place of authenticity and placing the needs of others before your own. His results speak for themselves.

“Greg practices what he talks about…‘Servant Leadership’ I have witnessed this personally on multiple occasions and seen Greg go out of his way to mentor, assist and support people that have taken him up on his offer to help. Greg selflessly gives of himself and his knowledge to help people reach their own potential!”

~ Mark Cramer – President, EXPO Master

“I think the best way to describe how Greg occurs (to me) in his role as a servant leader, is quite frankly his ability to give. He is very intentional in his efforts to serve and value others. He is present, transparent and continually encourages open lines of communication. Last but certainly not least, Greg also sets a high bar on strong values and personal philosophies. Behavior counts and leading by example is the best way to build a culture of trust and achieve high performance.”

~ Pamela Caraccioli – Senior Vice President of Operations, Deputy to the President for External Partnerships and Economic Development at SUNY Oswego

What I Stand For

In the midst of a successful hospitality development career, Greg realized he had lost his sense of purpose—accumulating results and setting standards as he focused primarily on performance-driven metrics. The drive to find and accept his purpose led him to follow a new path that provided clarity around how to create powerful leaders who serve others above self. It’s possible that you, a committed leader and decision maker, feel the exact same way.

Greg has a unique way to help clients see clearly the connection between drive and accomplishment and serving others as a powerful leader. The shifts are subtle and critical to the success of self-awareness and cementing meaningful relationships with key partners in life. Understanding the connection or bridge is the key to making shifts and changes in language and behavior–the core of Greg’s work.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Greg remains very driven. Now, he brings that passion to creating safe and secure environments where leaders like you can have honest conversations, be your authentic self, and uncover your own true purpose.

When you work with Greg, he will guide you to discover what you want and what you are willing to do in order to better serve the people you lead.

To learn more about Greg’s own authentic journey, watch this video.

Transform the way you lead your organization

by making a lasting impact on the lives of those you serve.