Who Are Your Leaders?


Who influences you the most? Why? What characteristics inspire you personally? Leadership, in a way, speaks to who you follow. Who we surround ourselves by makes a difference on who we BE.

This article on Eight Qualities of Memorable Leaders, by Glen Llopis, summarizes the kind of leadership qualities I seek out in others, as well as myself. Even if these people are not in an official leadership position, surrounding myself with people who generally take on these servant leadership qualities as a way of life are people I want to know.

Notice how much of the suggested qualities center around selflessness, serving of others, respect, humility and care. Imagine if this was the cultural norm.

Who Are Your Leaders?

Pictured here is Carlos Arredondo, the man known as the “Boston Marathon Cowboy Hero”, who selflessly acted on a moment’s notice to rescue fellow citizens, including Jeff Bauman, also pictured.

8 Qualities of Memorable Leaders:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Share their wisdom
  3. Does what others don’t
  4. Embraces lessons of failure
  5. Gives you their valuable time
  6. Creates special moments
  7. Makes you feel valued
  8. Leads you to leave a legacy

Who do you know who carries these qualities? Who are your leaders? Reply in the comments below.

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