Tis Your Season to Be Grateful and Honest


It happens every year, the holidays.  A time for gratitude and reflection.  This time of year we reflect upon the past, present and of course the future.  Reflection, true reflection requires more than interest in a process but rather truth and honesty about how you have occurred in 2017 and what shifts are you willing to make next year.  My hope for this conversation with self starts with ‘what do you want, what do you really want?’

Imagine for a second if our true focus is on our relationships with those around us and not on personal gain or material objects.  Some say “this is the time of year to give.”  Scrooge comes to mind and one of the most popular movies this time of year as a great example of giving because you can AND you want to.  My question is, why not be selfless all year round because this IS who you BE?

It all starts with BEing present with your family and not worrying about presents for/from family.  Approaching the next few weeks with gratitude and honest reflection will provide the best gift money cannot buy and enrich the relationships that will provide your greatest resource for the upcoming year.

2018 is fast approaching.  Embrace the opportunity to BE the most powerful you!

When, not if, you reflect on your accomplishments, near misses and lack of effort from 2017, ask yourself how did this happen and how will I shift behavior to achieve the relationships I really want in my life?  Decide what you want your year ahead to look like.  Take a deep and honest look at self and what you want to give others who are key in your life.

Will 2018 be your best year yet?  Are you on track to accomplish your vision, your dreams and your stated goals?  Write your goals down and keep them in front of you.

As I look back over 2017, I see ways to show up more powerfully for Brooks, Jackson and others who are key in my life.  My decisions to shift will involve how I spend my time and what priorities I create in my life.

The year ahead will be my Best-Year-Yet.  How will I measure this and how will I know?  (More on this in the next blog.)  Meanwhile, my focus is to show up and serve the wonderful relationships in my life.  Remember, our relationships are our greatest resources and the key to our success.

How will you show up in 2018?  Decide, declare then demonstrate.

Thoughts from your servant leader,


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