A Better Life Doesn’t Happen By Chance


A Better Life Doesn’t Happen By Chance

Your life does not get better by chance.  It gets better by change.                                            ~ Jim Rohn

We sometimes hear that someone has all the luck and great things are always happening to him/her and they are so lucky.  I will report with full confidence luck follows hard work.

As does a better life follow intentional action focused on what the mind, heart and body crave.  You decide and then speak it outwardly if you wish as the universe has an awesome way of recognizing what is real and what is not.  It will reward hard work and focus.

Not sure what your 2018 goals and objectives look like and frankly none of my business (unless you hire me to serve you.)  What I am interested in is which shifts or changes are you truly committed with your time, money and effort.  If you want to see where someone’s priorities are, just look at their calendar and how they spend their money.  I had this conversation with a client just the other day.  You could tell he knew immediately what was next and he wasn’t ready to disclose priorities.

So….are you willing to do what it takes to live that better life or do we hide behind reasons why it cannot be done?  And please for the love of Spirit stop telling people you are busy.  Get over yourself if nothing else this year.

As you plan 2018, please take a look at your accomplishments for 2017 and where you fell short.  There is always great conversation around a view into the last year.  The past cannot be changed but we can certainly take a new direction for the future.  If you make a decision in your life and it is not the best fit for your life, you can always make a new decision after you decide why this is important to you.

Words of wisdom from a lady that spoke to millions that many may remember….

Nobody gets to live life backward.                                                                                              Look ahead, that is where your future lies.                                                                                  ~Ann Landers

So let’s begin looking ahead with clarity of our desired vision, taking responsibility for our choices and taking action.

From the heart of a Servant Leader,



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