It’s A Wonderful Life or It’s Going to Be Wonderful


It’s a Wonderful Life is a 1946 film about an angel-in-training who gives a despondent man a look at what the world would be like if he had never been born.

Directed by Frank Capra. Screenplay by Frances GoodrichAlbert Hackett, and Frank Capra.

It’s A Wonderful Life Or It’s Going To Be Wonderful

So many of us watch this movie every year during the holidays.  George Bailey struggles with where his life is at and clarity of his true purpose. Clarence (the angel whose is trying to earn his wings) provides George with a great gift; a chance to see what the world would be like without him.

It’s A Wonderful Life Or It’s Going To Be Wonderful

Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he? ~ Clarence the angel

So often in our daily roles we do not always possess the self-awareness of how others perceive us, or the impact that we have on their lives.  Those of you who have worked with me in the past know that I often do an exercise of “How Do I Occur”.  This is an powerful opportunity to see how we show up in the roles we play in all aspects of our daily lives.

BEing an authentic and inspired leader is based on “How Do I Occur?” As we may not have the experience of a visiting angel coming to our rescue and showing us the impact we have on others, we as leaders must take the responsibility to “just ask”.  Ask ourselves and those we lead how am I showing up?  Whether it be in your life’s work, as a partner or as a parent.

Allow this way of BEing to take over moments of your day and see what happens.  Be fearless yet loving with courageous conversations.

Assess where you are in these areas, and then apply some focus and practice to see if it doesn’t open your eyes, heart and soul to becoming the Authentic Leader you intend to be.

Two questions to ask yourself:

Am I in-touch with how others perceive me?

What is my perception of ‘self’ as I believe others see me?

“You see, George, you’ve really had a wonderful life. Don’t you see what a mistake it would be to throw it away?”   ~Clarence – the angel

The holidays are a perfect time for this reflection as we reach year-end in our businesses and plan for the year ahead.  This may be a time where you will shift the areas that need to be addressed in your life and also appreciate those that we share our lives with.

Please reach out to me with any thoughts on “your wonderful life” and the impact on others that you discover through your new awareness of “How Do I Occur” these next few weeks.

Allow me to serve you to identify with clarity of living your better life so that you may achieve your ‘best year yet’ in 2018.  More on this in the next blog.


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