Self-Accountability. Be True to Your Commitments?


As we step out into our world each day we have an opportunity to honor our commitments.  To be accountable for our actions.  We also face many challenges to keep us from honoring the commitments we make.  Each day we get to choose.

Self-accountability.  Be True To Your Commitments?

A commitment is that which is spoken into existence that alters behavior.

A commitment is a particular type of declaration by which you move yourself forward in the world.  It is a move that announces to the world what you intend to accomplish.

What a commitment looks like is that you alter yourself and your actions to match what is required to get the intended result you spoke that was important to you.

The human mind can carry an average of 5 to 7 authentic commitments.  You need to make distinctions between what you are interested in and what you are committed to going forward.

Be very clear on your commitments and rank them.

  • Where have you been going through the motions?  (List them out.)
  • Are you really committed to each and every item on the list?  Yes/No
  • If you are not committed to an item, clean it up or eliminate it altogether.
  • Necessary required actions for each.
  • Timeline for completion for each.

What new commitments do you need to make to get the future you choose?

What results will you produce as a measure of your commitments?

Look into the future with the belief you will honor your commitments and your actions will produce the fruit you are hungry to devour.  What will this look like?  See that picture in your mind and feel it in your heart.  Then decide to serve, lead and guide accordingly.

See the beautiful picture and then live into the framework you desire.

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