Scalable & Sustainable…Servant Leadership


There is a lot of talk about great leadership today, but when it comes down to discerning what leadership notions are becoming obsolete and which practices are blazing new trails, it’s hard to find information that cuts through the fat. This article, 30 Outdated Leadership Practices Holding your Company Back, by Mike Myatt, does just that.

The article breaks down the break down, if you will, between stale and empty leadership and energized, motivating leadership. These days, it’s not just a nice thing to do for your company, as the article outlinesand I concur, it is absolutely necessary for leadership to evolve in order to create sustainable results with existing employees and integrate younger talent pools.

Here is an excerpt from the author’s book, Hacking Leadership. What do you think about the old vs. new paradigm? Reply in the comments section below.

Scalable & Sustainable…servant Leadership

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