Are You Really Developing as a Leader?


How often do we really ask ourselves the question above?  In the day to day routine of our roles within the organizations we serve life gets busy.  We are all busy or we often use busy to not serve those most important to us which includes ourselves!!  So perhaps you are developing as a leader but are you really developing?  How will you know?  Your followers, your partner, your children, your colleagues will give you signs.

Leadership is a responsibility, an honor and life-style that one shall not take lightly.  Your role and how others perceive you within the organization has a huge impact on the vision and the results achieved.  YOU are their example and in some cases, their primary example.  So please continue to grow in your role as a leader.

Having a plan to grow and with action steps with due dates is critical.  Then have accountability for your growth and development plan and acknowledge what is working and what is not and why?  Please don’t tell yourself you don’t have time, you are too busy etc.  If you aren’t serious about developing as a leader then please step aside as your followers deserve someone who will take the role seriously.  There is no longer a role of “do as I say…blah, blah, blah!”  No one is listening like you think.  They are however, watching you.  Success and wonderful people are developing  in today’s world so own your part to elevate those around you.

“The essence of leadership is holding your people to the highest possible standard while taking the best possible care of them.” – Colin Powell

Learn, share and grow.  Simple steps.  We must want to know how to improve.  If you are placing value in personal growth and development then your team will follow in your footsteps.  Not enough time, too costly monetarily are just excuses because the investment of your organization in this competitive marketplace will far out-weigh any time and money spent on personal development.

My recommendation to those I serve, coach and mentor is to slow down, take a moment and reflect on your own personal well-being professionally and personally.  Ask yourself “what do I want?

What am I missing?” and then take action, identify the support you need to achieve the next level of growth.  When you grow all those around you grow.

Leadership is about serving, empowering, and inspiring in order to elevate others over an extended period of time.  You are a perfect person to live this out every day. – John Eades

Enjoy leading.  It is perhaps the most important role in the world.


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