Is Your Leadership Working?


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Our leadership is a reflection of our self.  It is not always an easy situation to look in the mirror and honestly ask “is my leadership working?”  Of course, we want to think it is and often times talk ourselves into that everything is just fine!

In speaking with a young lady who is a paraprofessional in a local high school I asked, “Is your leadership working?”  Her first response was “I am not a leader because my role is not important.”  Leadership is a choice, no matter what your role is within the organization.  We are all leaders in different roles in our lives. We all have value in an organization.  Leaders show up everywhere are not sacred to those individuals with the title of president, executive or CEO.

Second question I asked, “How is leadership working with those you follow and lead you?”  Her response was, ” being a leader really didn’t exist in their working structure.  The leader is too nice and not really leading.  Too many chances are given to people who make poor choices which impact the students and co-workers.  There is a lack of respect because people are not being held accountable for their actions.”  Wow does this sound familiar!

I speak often of courageous conversations and holding those we lead accountable.  My conversation with this young lady truly spoke to my heart and the value of the work that I do within organizations.  I reminded her accountability to self and for self is where some of the leaders struggle.  And some have never truly been held accountable themselves.

I encourage you to face the mirror, ask the question “Is my leadership working?’  Are there areas where you are “too nice”, “lack accountability”, unwilling to face the “true reality” of your organization?  BE courageous and take action that will truly serve the relationship(s) and the overall purpose of the organization.  Keep your leadership in perspective and remember your behavior is crucial with those who follow you.

Keep on asking the tough questions…that is where the juice is.



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