The 2nd Annual LEADERSHIP Development Day

The 2nd Annual Leadership Development Day

The LEADERSHIP Development Day is about coming together and acknowledging that we can’t do this on our own and in fact, we shouldn’t. We are better for asking for help, we are better for appreciating people for their skills, and we are better for setting aside one day to grow as a leader, a parent, a human. 

This upcoming LEADERSHIP Development Day is organized with the intention to center the conversation around topics that matter most in leadership, organizations, and families. The categories we are focusing on are keys for individuals and organizations I coach and consult. The skills and tools that people have disregarded for too long. We have hand-selected speakers and leaders that represent the best of us, people who will guide us into better futures, and those with important stories to tell. These are the categories we have for you:

    • Building Trust in Culture
    • Embracing Change
    • Overcoming Adversity
    • Servant Leadership
    • Cultivating Relationships
    • The Vision of Young Leaders
    • Women in Leadership
    • Wisdom & Courage…Own Who You Are
The Vision of Young Leaders

I am a strong supporter and advocate for bringing younger voices into every conversation I have within Aden Leadership and in my family. Younger leaders are often more observant and creative than us old guys in the game. We should honor and support them, not shoot them down. Nicole Barbera,  Denver Director of The Nudge, will be guiding a conversation on the Vision of Young Leaders which will include: Lois Todd, Founder & CEO of  Alchemy Strategy Group, Dani Fitch, Strategy & Operations Consultant for Slalom, and Greg Shields, Vice President at FirstBank.

Women in Leadership

I have been surrounded by powerful women my entire life, in fact, I recently got married to one (love you, Tami). Women in leadership roles offer organizations a valuable perspective and strategy that needs to be recognized in all aspects of our lives. I am excited we will be hosting a conversation on Women In Leadership guided by Tami Fischer, CEO of Metro West Housing Solutions, joined by Laurie Oswald, CEO of InteraWorks, Dr. Jandel Allen-Davis, President & CEO of Craig Hospital, and Emily Robinson, COO of FirstBank

Wisdom & Courage…Own Who You Are

The final conversation is on Wisdom & Courage…Own Who You Are. Authenticity is the best way for a leader to grow their organization and selves. Without having the wisdom to look inside ourselves and the courage to make critical shifts to better self and those around us. When we do, then we can ask others to do the same. This conversation will be led by Dr. Mitch Harlan, Founder & CEO of Truth Talks, joined by Doug McGhee, Founder of Realm.Men, and Anne McGhee Stinson, Founding Partner and Director of Practice at InteraWorks.  

February 3, 2022, will be the second-ever LEADERSHIP Development Day hosted by us, Aden Leadership. Putting this leadership conference together the first time was a dream come true. The second time around, the day has been shaped by all of our dreams. I could not be more proud of what it is becoming. Don’t wait to register now for the day! 


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