Critical Choices Lead to Significant Changes

Leadership Development Day is now a series!

When was the last time you made a tough decision that ended up lifting a towering weight off your shoulders and your team’s as well? Who are your go to people when you need to address big decisions?

Heres the Plan

Over the past several days I have been contemplating a difficult decision involving my team and thousands of people around the world. I decided to move the Leadership Development Day from February 3 to Thursday, April 28. Sounds easy right? Not when so many people are involved who have made plans and/or need to plan. The decision was to move the date AND change the format from one DAY to an entire four part series scanning 12 months. Ultimately, health and safety come first, so will be providing all the exciting content virtually. After landing on this decision with guidance from several closest to my pulse, I immediately felt the weight lifted and knew that this was the right path to take going forward. (A special thanks to my wonderful spouse Tami and podcast producer Chad)

I turned to many different people when contemplating what to do with the rise of COVID-19 cases and continued uncertainty. All of them agreed that with the new format of providing four events in a “series” vs one long day of leadership development was the right call. Each event within the series aims to engage leaders, create a supportive community lasting, and empower every kind of leader to grow. Our new format, which we’re calling the Leadership Development Series, will happen throughout the year, giving more time for growth between each event to connect leaders, organizations, and ideas. The new format will provide momentum and follow through to continue dialogue on various growth and development topics.

We are confident that offering various dates and times with multiple topics, people who don’t fit the traditional leadership role will feel welcome to join the community. I firmly believe that leadership does not begin and end in the office. Making the Leadership Development Series available to educators, parents, young people, and non-profit spaces helps everyone make the world a better place and change the way we live our lives. 

Please stay tuned for more information on the Leadership Development Series. If you have any questions please email or find us on social media.


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