Leadership From the Heart


In my work as a Leadership Coach I use words and various leadership principles to help others grow and frankly become better leaders.  The truth of the matter is the heart of the matter! With Servant Leadership we serve first and lead second which will create scenarios where those who follow you will feel your authenticity. And where does truth and realness come from?  Yep, the heart.

Let’s explore “heart centered leadership” for a minute.  What if we actually made the majority of leadership decisions from the heart and not from ego or fear?  What would that look like for leaders and those who followed you?  How encouraged and empowered would the hearts of those who followed you be?  Think about your children in this regard.  Wow!

Think about authentic ”heart centered leadership” as a positive motivator which inspires instead of intimidates.  Creativity spikes when people have the freedom to be their authentic selves.  They feel important, their work matters and they feel seen and heard.  Sounds a lot like creating high level engagement doesn’t it?  You will see solutions to the obstacles your company may be facing as motivated individuals will feel empowered to identify the solutions and not just focus on “the problem.”  These results may just stem from a leader deciding to lead from his/her heart as an option.  Does this mean to be soft and not hold people accountable.  No.  On the contrary when you come from the heart you will also have a much higher level of trust and the tough conversations become easier.  Try it for a few months and see how you feel and check in with others to see “how are you leading!”

Showing appreciation of people’s contributions will result in others contributing more and more to the success of your business.  The cause and effect results with more employee engagement and commitment to the shared vision of the company.  Productivity will be on the rise.

Leading with your heart requires also listening with your heart.  Being present and having an open mind, open heart when engaging in any conversation.  Really slowing down and acknowledging the person before you and without judgement will build trust with that individual.  Letting them know that they really matter beyond just their job performance.  Where does the statement, “I appreciate you” come from?  You guessed it… the heart.

To be exemplary leaders we must serve our people.  YOU must be the role model displaying the passion for your vision.  Your energy and passion will have a contagious effect on those you lead.  Bottomline, we want and need people to fill the positions within our companies and remember by serving everyone well, we also serve ourselves, our vision and the community around us.




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