Set Your Inner Voice Free


Set Your Inner Voice Free

Over the past few years I have often shared the importance of
courageous conversations, honest communication and addressing situations that arise with the relationships around you whether it be a colleague, family member or friend. It is so easy to simply tolerate or appease behaviors rather than address or serve them. We hide and / or keep silent.

Why do we simply allow this to occur vs speak what our inner voice is crying for us to say?

Have you ever been in a relationship and asked your partner “are you alright?” “ They may quickly answer “fine.” or something else meaning they don’t wish to say what is really going on. You respond “Are you sure?”’ Response back “Just fine!” Yet the actions of the individual are anything but fine.  Your logical mind feels strongly something is amiss yet the individual will not speak up and tell you.  How frustrating!

My recommendation to the above scenario; If you are not fine, then please speak up and communicate!

Note: I am not advocating that we press someone if they simply wish
to be left alone or in peace as we often seek this sacred space and
honestly do not want or need anyone to break through.

As we practice the principles of leadership, courageous conversations and leading from the heart we must be aware to allow our inner voice to be heard. The inner voice we hear that alerts us to areas of our lives that may or may not be working. The intuitive part of your leadership role where the heart and soul put the music together
and the inner voice is the volume control. Take it off mute when you feel the scenario is right.  Even at times when you aren’t 100% sure. Be courageous and lead your life through you with truth and believe that as a leader you can and will make a positive influence.

The advantage of listening to self and allowing your inner voice to speak out is enormously powerful for your own wellbeing. When we speak from the heart sharing the truth of our inner voice we are in alignment with our true purpose. We are being our authentic self.

Wow! How cool would that be if we raised the bar on how we spoke
with one another?

Now what I am asking you to consider may not be for everyone and certainly not for those who live their life with their head in the sand.  It is the act of living in authenticity. How powerful would our relationships  be if we all spoke from our hearts and allowed our inner voice to speak out especially when something is not in alignment with our being vs, living in silence and not speaking our truth.

I am asking for you to share your inner voice, your heart with the world around you so you and those you serve can will lead a more empowered life.

See what happens. Go ahead ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that could happen?”

We never held back as children did we? Listen to your kids and learn how to hear your inner voice again!

In service,


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