How Communication Forges Loving, Trusting Relationships and Builds Consensus

How Communication Forges Loving, Trusting Relationships And Builds Consensus

In life, projects, possessions, and riches come and go. But relationships can last a lifetime and, along the way, bring us far more joy and satisfaction than anything else. Good communication is essential whether you’re looking to forge strong relationships in the family or the workplace.

We will look at three key elements in which good communication can help us build strong relationships: fostering love, strengthening trust, and seeking agreement. Put these steps into practice and watch your family, business, and personal happiness flourish.

Communication Fosters Love

For some of us, the idea of love in the workplace may make us a little uncomfortable. So let’s start by defining what love means in this context.

We’re not talking about romantic love here. We mean what the Harvard Business Review called “compassionate love.” This is what people mean when they say they can “feel the love” – that sense of acceptance, belonging, and togetherness that successful leaders foster in the workplace.

What role does communication play in building an authentically–and appropriately–loving atmosphere in the workplace? In compassionate workplaces, employees feel safe to:

  • Verbally express appropriate affection for each other
  • Show compassion and understanding
  • Look out for each other’s feelings and interests
  • Speak kindly and tenderly and really listen when things don’t go well

This all starts with leaders who model loving communication. Some tips include:

  • Express pride in team members and their achievements
  • Consider the emotions you’re projecting to your team each day in your verbal and written communication
  • Review company policies to ensure they support a culture of kind communication

However, it’s often the small gestures that mean the most. Regular, sincere, one-on-one conversations that are about listening rather than speaking can do a lot to help your workers feel the love and give their best.

Communication Strengthens Trust

Trust has to be based on authenticity. This takes courage–putting your ego to one side, holding your hands up, and saying sorry is not the response of a weak person. However, doing so when appropriate is only going to strengthen the trust your team members have in you as a leader. 

Communicating as much as you can about the big picture also helps employees trust their leaders. Sure, there will always be things that are confidential. But needlessly withholding information your workers could benefit from is counterproductive and could make you seem untrustworthy. Instead, communicate, communicate, communicate!

Communication Builds Consensus

Teams that communicate well are much more likely to build consensus and work together unitedly. To facilitate this, communication must be:

  • Open
  • Honest, yet kind
  • Focused on common interests and goals
  • Include active listening from all involved

As a leader, your role is to keep the team focused and model productive communication. The team will sense when you’re authentically engaged. Demonstrating these skills yourself will encourage team members to follow.

Build a Loving, Trusting, United Team with Good Communication

Strong communication skills can help your team enjoy working together. When everyone feels genuinely valued, listened to, and needed, the team will pull together and do amazing things for your business.

At Aden Leadership, our focus is on leaders and teams mastering the critical skills of authenticity, service leadership, and accountability. Why not book a discovery call to find out what we can do for you?

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