What is Courageous Authenticity and How to Display It

What Is Courageous Authenticity And How To Display It

Most people know what the word “courageous” means. The idea of entering a difficult or dangerous situation and facing the challenge head-on, regardless of the consequences, is familiar to many. 

We are all likewise very clear on the meaning of “Authenticity.” The art of being true, valid, and honest is a concept we can all relate to. 

However, when you combine the two words, the underlying message may need to be clarified. To the average layperson, it conjures up ideas that could be all over the place. Some may guess it has something to do with being true to oneself. But to what extent?

What Does It Mean?

We live in a world where the norm for most people is to conform to what the masses believe is the best way to fit in. It’s how society has developed over thousands of generations. And it’s true. It would be difficult for civilization to have advanced to this degree without some level of conformity if every person was out there doing their own thing.

So, it stands to reason that some may struggle to understand the term “Courageous Authenticity” without first understanding its opposite. Conformity. 

Since most of the actions of any given culture are based on unity, society generally rewards those who follow what the majority believe is the correct behavior. So, to have courageous Authenticity, one needs to be open and honest about their feelings and opinions regardless of how the people around them will receive them.

Anyone with Courageous Authenticity is brave enough to openly show their real selves despite what others may think.

How Can You Show Courageous Authenticity?

There are three different aspects of courageous Authenticity:

  • Honesty: Know and understand yourself and hone in on your core beliefs. You can only openly share your opinion with others if you are honest with who you are as a person.
  • Transparency: You can’t hide your light under a barrel. People have to see the real you. If you’re holding back from expressing your views or ideas, people will never see the real you and what you offer.
  • Vulnerability: It takes putting yourself out there and accepting the consequences when you take that step. There will be some risk involved, and if you’re not allowing yourself to be exposed and show your vulnerabilities, there is no need for courage.

There is a delicate balance to Courageous Authenticity. While most of the world conforms, others take a step outside the box and embrace the steps necessary to show their true selves.  To learn more about the basics behind Courageous Authenticity and how to use it, take the time to investigate it further here. It is possible to step outside of the crowd and become a leader in your own right. By doing this, you can open up a whole new world where you’re in command of your future – on your own terms.

Aden Leadership understands the importance of developing this quality in our future leaders. Our team is committed to helping you to move up to a higher level and is ready to guide you to tap into and utilize your Courageous Authenticity. Why don’t you utilize our resources and join us today so you can find the real you lying underneath the surface?

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