Curiosity for Growth


Curiosity is our past meeting with something of our present. It connects dots and creates passionate learning experiences, if for nothing else then to know the connection. By implementing more curiosity into our lives, we can focus more and begin to lead teams through curiosity towards exploration.

Connect the Dots

Have you ever googled a simple question and 30 minutes later found yourself in a deep Wikipedia hole? It’s certainly easy to know everything about anything when knowledge is so easily accessible. The more we are aware of the easier it is to connect dots and more questions to be asked! So, let’s implement curiosity in our organization. Ask questions of each other and prompt the people you serve to think deeper about a project or new proposal. Ask the brilliant minds on your team, each one brings different experiences and knowledge to create solutions one person alone couldn’t have thought of.

Making Mistakes

Be genuinely curious more often. Many leaders fear curiosity because they believe it might decrease efficiency. I argue that curiosity does the exact opposite. When curiosity is valued in a workplace people are less likely to make mistakes because they feel comfortable asking how to do a task or proposing a new way to do it. Curiosity also means that our teams will work better together. By being passionate and inquisitive people will have a better understanding of how the person next to them works.

Take The Risk, Ask A Question

Exploration into new fields or strategies can be scary to an organization. When you have worked well for so long, why risk changing anything? Part of being curious means having an open mind, are you being strict in your ways or letting your ego get in the way of a potentially smarter and more efficient process? Curiosity can foster a more creative environment that allows these changes to be made and implemented with an open mind.

Find new solutions to old problems. New ways to motivate, to think, to behave. Create an environment of progress and growth and let questions and exploration lead the way.

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” ~ Walt Disney

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