Your Beliefs – Your Organization in 2020


As a leader it is in your role description to represent the organization and the people in it. It can be daunting or feel like the world is on your shoulders. In some ways, the world of your organization is on your shoulders, but it is not something that we should shy away from. In fact, it is a role that we should be proud to hold. But when something goes wrong in that world of yours, the ego of the leader has the tendency to get in the way. We must be proud, but humble to the fact that there will be mistakes, there will be weaknesses, and there will need to be acceptance of them in order to improve from them.

May I ask, when was the last time you took a critical look at all aspects and areas of your business inventory of all areas in your business to understand what you do well versus areas you struggle with?

When hiring new individuals, we often expect them to be good at everything. We don’t want to waste precious time training and going through the minute details that we expect them to already know. Of course, we hire their skill set for a particular position, but do we ever engage enough to identify a truly good fit for all aspects of the job, and do we seek agreement along the way? Taking a sincere overview of your teams will unleash unique talents of your members while also addressing areas of opportunity.

Not only can this be done within your teams but in all aspects of your organization. Take a hard look at where people or time is falling through the cracks and could be better utilized. A huge part of this process is coming to terms with the fact that you represent it, cracks and all, and acknowledging it enough to change it for the better. Often, we will not want to truly analyze these areas due to our own ego but some beliefs of feeling insecure limit our desire.  We as leaders can stand in our own way.

Thoughts and beliefs that can plaque our mind and soul….

I am not enough.

Fear of judgment amongst our peers and those we lead.

The idea that a leader can never be vulnerable or show any type of weakness in any situation.

The expectation we place on ourselves can hinder our own personal growth within our organizations.  We must be honest with ourselves in what our true gifts are and be in alignment with our purpose. Recognizing our own strengths will assist us in identifying the strengths and gifts of others that we lead.  So, while you take inventory of self and organization be sure to reintroduce yourself to your own strengths.

We can be so consumed with worry about perfection that we get stuck in the “process” of what we do that we miss amazing opportunities that are right in front of us.

Creating a talented team begins with you, the leader being your authentic self.  Recognizing and appreciating your honest strengths while being courageous enough to ask for help. Hire people with talents you don’t yet possess.  True strength in leadership is utilizing the gifts of others and empowering those we lead to grow to their full potential.  When we can reach this in our organizations, we open doors to new possibilities for others.  This is your journey.

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