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We equip companies, teams, and individuals to lead from a place of powerful authenticity and uniqueness through custom-designed workshops, retreats, consultations and presentations.

Our services help committed leaders and decision makers master critical skills like executive leadership, personal accountability, teamwork and service leadership.

We serve a variety of industries including hospitality and financial services, health care, life balance and nonprofits. How can we best serve you?

“In a time when everybody struggles to find a balance between work and family life, Greg forces organizations to shift from a culture of ‘I am the boss’ to one of Service Leadership.”

~ Edward Mirza, Former SVP Franchise Operations at Red Roof Franchising

Facilitating and Speaking

From business consulting and culture development to motivational speaking, team-building, and conference facilitation, Aden Leadership delivers an array of engaging experiences that challenge you to explore two key questions–“What do you want for your life (or business)?” and “What are you willing to do to get there?”

Our process and our content is not for the faint of heart, but for committed leaders (and future leaders) willing to look inward to find their best way forward in the service of their teams, their companies, and themselves.

“His effect during the time I saw him speak was a great experience, he delivered a powerful message that left me thinking. Out of the entire panel of leaders and coaches that spoke, Greg’s message stuck with me the most. Mostly his ‘pause and serve, pause and listen’ message alongside holding people accountable. I really valued his comments and lessons and have continued to consider that in my everyday service to others.”

~Denon Moore – COO, Colorado Thought Leaders Forum

Leadership Development

The Aden Advantage lies within the expectations established before the process even begins. An agreed-upon, step-by-step process guides committed leaders like you to access your most authentic self, resulting in courageous conversations, being fully present in the moment, and living true to your vision in every area of your life.

We show you how to shift your language, your communication, and your behaviors to positively impact your key relationships. You will become a more effective, compassionate, and selfless leader.

“Greg has been great for me. He has made me think and re-think. He has challenged me to put myself out there and to take charge of the situations that I face. Greg is a great resource for our leadership team.”

~Dorraine Lallani – Director-Asset Management, Westmont Hospitality Group

Sales Training

We believe sales is less about selling than it is about creating a relationship built on trust, authenticity and helpful expertise. We help you align processes with your organization’s goals and vision to create long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships–the kind that generate more referrals, greater retention, and a lot of very satisfied clients.

“Nothing happens until someone sells something.”

~Henry Ford

The Process: Powerful Strategies Rooted in Intentionality and Authenticity

Aden Leadership uses a four-step process designed to help clients uncover and implement the key principles vital to becoming a successful leader including life-balance, family, core purpose and success criteria.


Greg assesses new clients to ensure they are a good match. If both parties feel it’s the right fit after an initial discovery call or meeting, he will schedule an interview to start the coaching and consulting process.


During this in-depth interview, Greg asks questions such as, “What do you really want in your life and for your business?” “What are you willing to do to get there?” and “What does success look like to you?” These questions help Greg define what strategy is needed to help you grow and develop as a leader. You and Greg will work together to uncover barriers and define areas of opportunity that will become a part of the action plan.


In this part of the process, Greg ensures that you are aligned with the strategy. Once agreement of the plan is reached, you move to step four…taking action.


In the final phase, action steps will be put into place to create shifts around language, communication and behaviors associated with leading and influencing your key relationships. Processes will be established to guide new ways of understanding how to become a more effective, compassionate and selfless leader.

“Showing up authentically, passionately, and committed to others with integrity, you will create success. Expect predictable results when you follow these proven principles.”

~Greg Aden

The End Goal

Transforming into a powerful yet humble and compassionate leader is a journey you’ll be on as long as you are committed to leading self, key partnerships and teams. When put your key strategies in place, you have the power to affect how you show up and lead, allowing you to realize your goals and stated measure of success.

In Greg’s words, “I love solid, honest relationships and inspiring others to take action. Showing up authentic, passionate and committed to your team and organization with integrity, you will create success in a variety of areas. This is great proof that predictable results follow these proven principles.”

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