Consistency – Is it Showing Up in Your Leadership?


Consistency – Is It Showing Up In Your Leadership?

Let’s begin with the definition of consistency: steadfast adherence to the same principles, behavior, treatment, course of action or form.

“Consistency is the true foundation of trust.  Either keep your promises or do not make them.”  ~ Roy T. Bennett

Not easy at all times.  Consistency is something that comes up often in my coaching work as clients are looking for reliable and predictable behaviors to produce reliable and predictable results.  We all want that in some form or fashion.

Consistency is surrounded by integrity and accountability relative to one’s behavior.  Being consistent also has huge returns relative to how you show up for others…dependable.  Imagine for a moment if we would elevate our consistency by 20% over the next six months what profound affect this commitment would have on various parts of our life!!

How are you showing up on a daily basis in your life?  What I share with clients often is the choice(s) we have and what really gets in the way in being consistent in all of our roles. Imagine how this will provide a more consistent (reliable) experience for your customers, clients, colleagues, and family members.  You would provide clarity for your team as they will know and understand what is expected of their behavior and performance because you are living and leading in a consistent manner.

Results of consistent behavior –

  • Faith in Leadership
  • Trust
  • Engaged communication
  • Powerful example to emulate
  • Efficiencies of time

This is just to name a few perks to living a consistent life.

“Consistent is powerful and easy to experience, record and measure.”

So may I ask of you today…

Are you ready to shift your commitments to self and others to create more consistency in your life.  As stated, it is not always easy to be consistent with all and always.  Not asking for perfection, just asking for you to be better in being consistent.  Think of interactions with your children, followers and partners.  How often do we give in or appease rather than being consistent honoring our word to self and others.  Decide to own your power to make a positive difference in others lives just by being more consistent.

Consistency takes commitment.  There is a significant ROI (Return on Intention) to us all that we will up-level our integrity and accountability by having the courage to lead with consistent behavior and action.

          “Your consistency says a lot about your commitment”                                    ~ Rasheed Ogunlar

Thoughts from your Servant Leader….


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