How do you occur… to others?

I ask this question of leaders all the time.

It’s not enough to be aware of who you think you are, but you must also be aware of how others perceive you. How you show up in the world.

This awareness is a vital principle of servant leadership. And it can be applied in many contexts.

I recently had a discussion with my colleague and friend, Stephen McGhee, about a concept developed by Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick at the University of Santa Monica. And it resonates well with Aden Leadership.

Their philosophy, rooted in spiritual psychology, is that our path to purpose is motivated by two separate, but related, contexts: Spiritual Reality vs. Physical World Reality.

Spiritual Reality is about awakening our souls to become more aware of who we are. In this context, success is measured by experience, growth and evolution. This is the Soul Line.

Physical World Reality is our desire to accomplish, achieve and acquire. In this context, success is measured by money and rewards—material, tangible things such as cars, houses and vacations. This is the Goal Line.

In Aden Leadership’s flagship program, What’s Your Aconcagua? Clarity of Purpose, I address leadership grounded in a “serve first, then lead” mindset: servant leadership. Or, as I like to call it, leadership steeped in service.

With structured exercises and activities, I facilitate custom-designed workshops, retreats and presentations that provoke thoughtful, honest insight into—and discussions on—the way our language and behavior affect others.

How we behave—with integrity, commitment and accountability—is just as important as why we do what we do and what inspires us.

Through leadership coaching, I serve first by helping you make intentional, committed shifts in language and behavior to help you succeed along your soul—and goal—line.

Where do you choose to give your time, attention and energy? How do you elevate your success and growth along both your Soul Line and your Goal Line? Please share in the comments below.