You Set The Balance In Your Life

Now ask yourself is it really Work-Life Balance? Or is it just Life Balance? Do we really have two lives, one at work and one at home? Nope. One heart, one brain, two eyes, and a set of everything else. We don’t and never will leave one life completely to work on, focus on, or rely on the other.
Jo Howard in an article called “Why Work Life Balance is Important for Leaders” writes, “Many tend to blame their lack of balance on the work environment and believe it is out of their control, but, your ability to achieve such a balance is, in fact, all down to you. Leaders are drivers, they are the force responsible for the achieving of goals and for transformational change; they are often so focused on moving the company forward that they forget that their own wellbeing plays a critical role in their ability to achieve excellent results.”
The Roles That Define You
We don’t completely shut off what is going on at home when at work and don’t forget about work when at home. We are one human…then a man/woman, then a partner, and/or a parent, then our position at work. Most people I work with prioritize who and what they are as a partner and parent well above what they do for work, for money, for prosperity. Why? The former defines you way more than the latter. What say you?
Now, what can we all do to lead better, partner better, parent better etc. in all places and relationships of our ONE LIFE? Yes, our leadership at work is critical but not if we are putting our loved ones at risk or ignoring the agreements we’ve made with them. We choose each day how we are going to show up for all the roles we have and most of us are deeply passionate about the work we do in each. These decisions are where the balance begins. Stay true to your word steeped in integrity, continue to hold yourself accountable and have courage to face yourself each day. This is how you stay in life balance.
Prioritizing Our Values
Are you living/leading two lives or just one? If just one, who are you consistently showing up for all in your life? Instead of asking, how are you doing at work v doing at home? Ask yourself, where are you prioritizing your time? I truly believe that where our priorities lie reveal the values that we believe in. You want to know a man or woman’s priorities? Look at their calendar and/or their credit card statements. These two areas don’t lie.
What are you willing to do better to experience true balance in your life? Take full, not partial, responsibility for who you are and stop blaming the world, your work, your friends, siblings, or co-workers for your decisions or lack thereof. Your balance is your opportunity, cease it every day by making the decisions that keep you in balance. Own your shit and your balance will be less of an issue.
Be up front with what and where your priorities are. It’s our choice how we spend our time. Seriously, who makes the decision about how you spend your time?

 “There is no such thing as work-life balance – it is all life. The balance has to be within you.”


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