Work Purpose and Life Meaning…are They Parallel?


Work Purpose and Life Meaning… are they parallel?

Purpose driven.  Meaning in life.  My work matters.  Following my why?  I work hard in order to… Many of us have it, live it, coach it and know it when we see it.  However, many of us are not on a parallel and for many reasons we tend to avoid finding it because we continue to focus on what ultimately doesn’t matter…money.  Many reading this may be thinking, “Without money not much is possible.”  Please know I am not suggesting you are not financially sound and have your future in sights.  Tom Rath says the same in his most recent book Are You Fully Charged?

Work Purpose And Life Meaning…are They Parallel?

Thank you Tom as you inspired me to write this blog.

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So often we focus on our paychecks, how much or how little we make and lose sight of the reasons behind the paycheck we earn.  For instance, I knew the signature on my paycheck was really “franchisee” not the President or CFO at the time.  But even then the client wasn’t my true purpose it was the guests of the hotels they would ultimately develop.

So I ask, “are you truly feeling purpose in your day to day activities while earning that paycheck?”

I have stated how we often speak on auto-pilot knowing what we will reply before the other person has even finished their sentence.  Everyday so many of us appear on the job working on auto-pilot.  Have you ever thought “I could do this job blind folded”?  A great example of working on auto-pilot.  So how often to you lean back and say, “I love my job as it fuels my purpose?”

Our life’s purpose may not be entirely reflected in our day to day activities on the job site.  The key is to identify your unique purpose for being there and find meaning in what you do and connect what you do to the why you do it.

  • Is it to help others?
  • Are you making a difference in people?
  • Are you coming from a place of service?
  • Is it to climb the ladder of success?
  • Buy a bigger home? Or new car?
  • College fund for your children?

The list is huge as we all face different life circumstances which reflect our desire to show up each day.  What is really important to your reason? 

Our focus on being present each day may shift as you truly identify ‘your important reason’ for being there.  The value of our time to make the difference may become more apparent to you than the amount of income you receive for your efforts.  At the end of the day, what will be remembered about you; will it be your reason, your purpose?  Most likely those closest to you will recall how you spent your time and less about how you spent your money.

I am not implying that $$$$$ are not a factor for all of us, I am suggesting that if it is linked to real meaning for you personally, your purpose,  you will reap the rewards far more than just a monetary gain.

At the end of my day… I want others to know that I served them well by empowering others to experience growth and awareness of making a difference that will be remembered. 

“My life goals are to be an inspirational father, be a great partner to an amazing woman, be passionate about everything I commit to, love and respect the people in my life, and to have honest and serving relationships. My proudest accomplishments are my sons, Brooks and Jackson.  On my tombstone, I simply want it to read, “Dad inspired us.”

My work purpose is to serve, guide and lead others so they will impact, influence and inspire through relationships and leadership.  Will they become better leaders, parents, partners etc based our work together?  I believe absolutely and I am committed to my work they will.  And in some cases I may never know.  Recognition for this work is seen through the smiles and growth of others.

May I ask for you to take a moment and identify the purpose behind your work which is connected to earning a living AND how you spend all this valuable time connected to work.  Please take yourself off of auto-pilot for an hour or two and reflect as a human being, parent, partner and/or leader and write down what you will be (not want to be) remembered for in the end.  Your life will have purpose and it already does.  Now have you maximized this purpose, this meaning you and only you have decided to focus on?  If it helps to know.  I have not.  I find new ways each week to squeeze more out all the time.

Feel free to reach out to me as I am here to serve you in your search for this meaning of your purpose.

Thoughts from your servant leader…


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