Will You Break the Chain?


As I think about and believe how I can become better in all aspects of my life I realize judging less and loving more is simply the answer. When I’m triggered and realize I’m getting ready to say something that is not serving, kind nor nice do I pause and ask myself “will this help or will this make things worse?”

As I go through the days when I’m with my boys and how I communicate I am constantly asking myself and them “how may I be a better father today?” Am I coming from a place in my heart of how I can be a better leader for them today and in the moment? Coming from a place of heart versus head has served me well over these past several years. Too many of us, especially those who know they are influential leaders, spend way too much time north of our shoulders instead of a few inches below where the real juice in our life begins…the heart
I have long believed that our beliefs trigger our language, our language impacts our behavior.  Our behaviors create our relationships. So from our heart, our relationships are built and we decide what kind of relationships we want.

So back to my boys, Brooks and Jackson for a minute. These two little guys mean the world to me as I’m sure your children, if you have them, have meant and do mean the world to you. So why do we lead with our fingers pointed from our head instead of our heart? Is it because we need to be right?  Is it because we need to be heard? What is the true reason for being a parent and being a leader?  Is it to serve those following you and prepare them for what is next?  In no instance is leadership more profound than with your children as your followers.

Simple as the days of ‘follow the leader’ ladies and gentlemen these followers are watching you and need your leadership. Let’s take this to a much larger state viewing your organizations in the world today. Unlike any other time in our life is it time for leaders to step up and be seen in the desert as examples for all of us to follow.
So my question for you as a leader, will you break The Chain and become the leaders your children and followers want or the leader(s) you’ve had in your life that didn’t serve?

Which of you are leading from your heart knowing the juice of life starts here and your followers deserve your emotion just as much as your intelligence.

Break the chain, have fun and truly love those you lead. People may just remember you!!


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