Why The Urgency? Improve Your Communication Skills With Courageous Conversations

Why The Urgency? Improve Your Communication Skills With Courageous Conversations

If you are going to improve yourself as a leader, you must improve your communication skills. The key to improving your communication skills is to start having courageous conversations.

Not all conversations are easy, but it’s the difficult ones that will help you grow as a person, a friend, a lover, and a leader.

It’s time to start having courageous conversations today — it’s more urgent than you might think.

Some Questions to Ponder Regarding Courageous Conversations:

A little self-reflection can go a long way when considering how to improve your communication skills.

  • What is the importance of having courageous conversations?
  • How would these conversations impact our relationship, our leadership, or our parenting?
  • What are the benefits of being prepared for the difficult conversations?
  • How might this make you more powerful and productive at negotiating?  

When facing difficult conversations, it’s important to note that your relationship with your significant other, your kids, and even your team all stand to improve when we face the conversation rather than shrink back.

Have you had a challenging conversation with a team member, family member, or friend recently? 

The next question to ask is: did you avoid the conversation, or did you embrace the opportunity knowing that it would build a stronger, more authentic relationship and open communication?

Upcoming Seminar: Courageous Conversations

If you’re interested in tackling difficult conversations and improving your conversation skills to build more authentic relationships, then why not sign up for my upcoming seminar on September 8th?

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