What Can You Learn From The Leadership Development Series?

What Can You Learn From The Leadership Development Series?

What can help a leader leave behind the status quo and take their skills to the next level? Leadership development workshops are powerful tools for helping emerging leaders reach their potential. 

At Aden Leadership, our leadership development program allows individual, corporate, and community leaders to challenge themselves to develop stronger leadership skills. In addition to core programming, our Leadership Development Series is a collection of four half-day events. The four-part leadership program is spaced throughout the year, so you have time to digest and implement the inspiration from the previous session before enjoying the next.

Leadership Skills You Can Learn From Aden’s Leadership Development Program

Successful leaders need a full repertoire of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Developing a set of cornerstone skills can serve as a foundation for solid leadership.

Let’s highlight just a few key takeaways you can gain from Aden’s ongoing Leadership Development Series:

Learning to Serve Others

Throughout the Series, servant leadership is explained and illustrated. Servant leadership does a 180-degree turn on traditional authority-based management and instead focuses on serving the team members.

“Experts often describe the majority of traditional business leaders as managers who mainly function as overseers of a transaction: employees maintain desired performance levels, and in exchange they receive salary and benefits. Generally, these managers are positional leaders—they derive authority simply from the fact that they are the boss,” explains SHRM. “The servant leader moves beyond the transactional aspects of management, and instead actively seeks to develop and align an employee’s sense of purpose with the company mission.” 

Leaders who learn to serve their employees instead of expecting to be served end up reaping bountifully as performance and profits increase.

Learning to Gain Credibility

No matter a leader’s position or title, their team will never listen to or respect them if they don’t build credibility. 

The Leadership Development program will help leaders gain more credibility by:

  • Avoiding hypocrisy – Unfortunately, many leaders bombard their employees with strict policies while at the same time using their authority as an excuse for favoritism, rule-breaking, and other abuses. However, fair leaders practice what they preach and stick to their values  m
  • Being transparent – Taking a sneaky, underhanded approach almost inevitably gets exposed and can ruin a good reputation quickly. True, some matters require confidentiality. However, trustworthy leaders prove they have nothing unsavory to hide. 
  • Admitting your mistakes – Traditionally, employees don’t expect their oversight to fess up to their mistakes. However, humble leaders can build serious credibility by candidly owning their errors and making a heartfelt apology. 
  • Being authentic – Even children can sense insincerity or tell when someone is showing mock interest. However, being genuine is one key to earning trust. 

Throughout the Series, leaders will learn more ways to gain the confidence of those around them, putting in the elbow grease to earn credibility.

Learning to Improve Communication

Communication is not just about transmitting an idea – it’s about how you make someone feel about the idea, themselves, others, and you. 

Empathetic leaders avoid adopting a ‘do as you’re told and don’t ask questions’ policy or withholding information as a power play. Instead, they work hard to learn how their followers want to be communicated with and then try to adapt accordingly. 

The Leadership Development Series will emphasize how to build more considerate communication habits to keep the lines open between you and those in your care.

Learning to Build Relationships

It’s easy to focus on numbers, punch lists, and agendas while missing out on the bigger picture – people. 

Significantly, Robert Cross, the Edward A. Madden Professor of Global Leadership at Babson College, wrote for Harvard Business Review, “Many of us strive for a meaningful job, an impressive title, or a sizable salary at the ideal company. In doing so, we drastically undervalue the importance of relationships, even though extensive research shows that it’s people, not the perfect job, that lead to fulfillment.”

The importance of relationship-building will be highlighted throughout the Leadership Development sessions.

Virtual Leadership Development Program

Part Two of Aden’s Leadership Development Series is coming up on August 11th, 2022, and will focus on two relevant leadership topics, ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ and ‘Building Trust in Culture.’ With high-impact sessions and speakers from all walks of life, you’ll be able to examine your leadership approach and adjust as you see fit.  

This hybrid Leadership Development Series offers both virtual and in-person ways to attend. The live event will be at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, Colorado. Virtual sessions grant access to the pre-recorded program for 30 days. Get tickets for your team today!

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