We Are Who We Say We Are…


We Are Who We Say We Are…

Integrity and our internal dialogue, where do you stand?

The current situation allows for more time to reflect, refocus and realign with who we intend to be. Our “mirror time” as I call it, should be at a premium right now. Who are you and who do you say you are! Our beliefs determine the majority of our thoughts and words which eventually lead to our actions. What have you created in terms of growth, relationships, and movement on the “if I only had time” list?

Meanwhile, our internal dialogue and promises we make to ourselves continue to manifest into what results for you? What is that powerful inner voice saying right now? How are you listening to help you make decisions and form opinions?
Lose weight, eat less sugar, exercise more, call more old friends, write articles or a book, redo the company website, love on your kids like never before. Dust off the old iPod and sing and dance (with self and others) as if it were the ‘80s again! Okay, I just gave you some secrets into me.

Please make the time to see your reflection in the mirror. Do you like what your inner voice is telling your operating system to produce? How are you doing…really? Seriously, speak out loud with no one around. It may be your best conversation of the day.
Tell this person exactly what you want her/him to know. They are listening and with their eyes too.

We Are Who We Say We Are…

Questions to ask ourself:
– Are we living according to our word? Completely honoring our integrity?
– What do you want right now? You are a grown-up? Quit waiting for this or that.
– Are we achieving our personal goals? Are we making time for the actions on our calendars?
– Are we growing weekly in our role as a leader? If not, what is getting in our way?
– Are we honoring our promises to self and others? Are we in integrity?

Love that person in the mirror and do not let them off the hook. Your effort and action are absolutely necessary to get anywhere. Where are you placing your focus? Check your calendar and your credit card statement(s)…they won’t lie to you. You may lie about your debt, but time and money are good indicators as to what is important to you. (Lots of studies available on this subject.)

“Own your reflection as this is exactly who you are. Now go and behave like you mean it…regardless of the time of day.” – Greg

In service,

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