[VIDEO] Oz Never Did Give Nothin’ to the Tin Man…


That he didn’t, didn’t already have.

Perhaps I’m dating myself with this song lyric by the 70s rock band, America. But the message transcends generations: No Wizard of Oz or magic exists, or is even necessary, to get what we need—and want. We have it within ourselves.

To acknowledge that ‘we have it within ourselves’ to get what we need — and want can create unspoken fears with in us.  I have learned so much over the past few years as I serve others in their organizations and daily lives.

My journey began where I spent three days on a Wisdom Quest in Boulder, including a full day in the woods just outside of Nederland. With gratitude to Burke Miller and the Executive Wisdom Institute, I was reminded that we have the mind, the heart, the soul and the physical self to function and create at a high level.

In fact, all we have to do is trust and allow the universe to deliver what we need and want.


It’s paramount to self-development. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, trust in your instincts, seek guidance from the universe, and you will continue to grow.

 Oz Never Did Give Nothin’ To The Tin Man…

Sounds easy, right? So why can’t we just figure it out on our own?

Trust must also be present within our organizations and those we lead to experience growth.  Leaders must have the trust of those they lead and the Leader must empower those they lead by placing his/her trust in their instincts, decisions and actions.

Limiting beliefs.

Just as we begin to believe in ourselves, we also begin to doubt. We imagine things and create our own barriers to self-development: wicked witches, apple-throwing trees, flying monkeys… they’re all imaginary, but we make them very real in our heads. We all know the Wizard of Oz doesn’t exist—shhh, don’t tell the little ones!—but it’s fun to think he might. Especially when we imagine the adventures we would have on the journey along the Yellow Brick Road.

Let’s explore the little voice in our heads that continues to place thoughts of doubt which will cause us to hesitate, freeze or lack courage.  Some of us will attempt to meditate to quiet the negative voice that can plague us when an amazing opportunity is before us.  The facts are that we must devise a way to quiet the negativity to calm our nerves so that we can approach the situations before us with an open heart, an open mind.  Your success can be defined by the support you have around you.

On my own journey, I have been impeded by self-doubt and uncertainty at various times, unsure of my worthiness and direction. Looking for someone to be proud of my accomplishments and most importantly me. Once upon a time, I was very skeptical about self-help, leadership development and anything having to do with paying someone for something I thought I should know, or worse, I should have already mastered.

But through unique experiences, leadership training and my own self-development, I have since come to realize that we all need help in some form or another. At some time or another.

With coaching and guidance, you can break down your barriers to self-development and set yourself on a road of transformation.

I’m no Wizard of Oz and I can’t give you a heart. But I am an authentic, sincere, resourceful service and servant leadership coach. And I’d appreciate the opportunity to join you on your journey to help you identify—and overcome—your limiting beliefs.

I am honored to be in the place I am today.  It is those I have served which have created the place I exist today.  Thank you.

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And just for fun, check out America’s transformation in this performance of “Tin Man” about 30 years after the song’s initial recording:

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