Tis the Season to BE


Tis The Season To Be

This time of year as we celebrate with family, friends and clients, is also a time that we reflect on our relationships with those around us.  The people we lead daily, those we learn from and our direct reports.  Often we think of our leadership role happening at work only.

The true reality is our leadership role is a way of BEing in all aspects of our lives.  We are the same person that shows up in all roles of our lives including at home as well as at work.

As I reflect over this past year and look at how patient and present I was with Brooks and Jackson or how much I went into judgment when things around me became uncomfortable, I question their perceptions of how I was BEing?  What caused shifts to happen either into a space that was comfortable or into an area that was unpleasant?  Who was I BEing and why?  This is a big question and begs some additional insight as to how often we care enough to notice.   How often do we stop, breathe and shift immediately knowing we can and we want to?

As Leaders of women and men, clients and followers this way of BEing is even more magnified as others are always watching.  Frankly, others are wanting you to be a great example of leadership, parenting and/or partnership.  Now, ask yourself; how are you when no one is watching?  Yes, of course Santa knows and perhaps your Spirit at this time of year, but beyond that, these times are when your character is truly tested.  Your integrity to honor ones’ word and/or BE that man or woman you said (to yourself) that you want to be and intend to demonstrate consistently with others.

How are you doing?  What did 2016 look like for you?  Guess what?  You have a few days left to look back and set yourself up for a wonderful holiday season.  There are dozens of articles out now about what to eat, what to drink, what not to drink including amounts over the holidays.

How about this…..Enjoy your time BEing the best you that you can be.  Just love and appreciate those around you and hold back comments that don’t serve anyone.  Look in the mirror and appreciate yourself each day for the next couple of weeks.  Move away from trying and effort to results and finishing.

Take inventory on 8-10 key relationships in your life and see how you might improve them just by making slight adjustments on who you are BEing.  Have fun with this and watch others smile as they enjoy your patience and presence versus wondering what is in your present.

Love and joy,


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