Time – Own It, Honor It


Our most precious resource in our lives is time.  I have written in the past of creating more time by setting your priorities straight and aligned with those you love and respect.  I have entered into a world of opportunities and I will manage my time effectively to ensure my time is being used efficiently.  The path ahead is thrilling, yet without a strong foundation for intention management it would set me up to fail miserably. This would impact those individuals that I serve, guide and lead.

Since time is one thing we cannot buy, nor can we save it and use it later, it is constantly a hot commodity in our lives.  What happens most often is we waste time because don’t have a plan to maximize the time we do have set aside for accomplishing our goals etc. I highly recommend you consider putting together a plan supporting what you want and what you are willing to do to get there.  Best Year Yet has a simple yet program to create and implement.

Because so ,many of us would pay any price to buy those extra precious moments with our family, friends and favorite activities it makes perfect sense to have a plan to make these moments be included.

We will schedule and make time for things we want to spend our time and attention.  But how about those projects, tasks and meetings that also need to get accomplished?  USE YOUR CALENDAR.  And I mean really appreciate this powerful tool.  Your calendar won’t lie to you, but we often lie to it by not loading all the stuff we intend to do.  Intention is one thing, but a plan built inside your calendar is how it gets completed. This will be a true test of character for some of us as avoidance is so easy.  Please don’t put off what you told yourself and others was important.

Finally, to value our time, we must also look at the value of each other’s time.  Showing up when expected, not being late.  Being conscious of the commitments we make and respectful of the time it will take to fulfill those obligations that at times we make without consideration of all the details.

Being authentic with our ability to invest in each moment and being present with those we serve.  Being able to live life fully begins with understanding and placing value on your most precious resource for success…time.


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  1. Time is precious and these last breaths of summer teach us the beauty of impermanence.

    Do not lose time on daily trivialities. Do not dwell on petty detail. For all of these things meltaway, and drift apart within the obscure traffic of time. Live well, and live broadly. You are alive and living now. Now is the envy of all the dead.
    – Emily Prime, The World of Tomorrow

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