The Subtle Predictor of Success


Can success be predicted? If so, what quality or trait do you think most predicts success?

I bet you didn’t pick “conscientiousness.” Well, as Drake Baer in this article postulates, conscientiousness is the one trait that has been observed to cut across multiple stages in life and varieties of careers. Here is a bonus article that talks about conscientiousness in relation to trading.

The Subtle Predictor Of Success

Let’s take a look at what being a conscientious person entails. As the Baer article mentions, being organized, cognizant of punctuality and deadlines and thoughtful towards colleagues, as well as doing thorough work go a long way toward success. It discusses the conscientious person’s ability to structure goals and follow them, allowing for setbacks, but making a plan for that, too. All of these traits are on par with reaching success. But, being conscientious is more than just keeping your ducks in a row. It can truly be an act of serving.

When we make the effort to be organized and punctual, we are showing respect for ourselves and others. When we take the time to become aware of our environment and the people in it, we demonstrate humility and forge better relationships. When we do thorough work, we are staying present, taking responsibility for our output and delivering a reliable product.

Now the tough part. How do we locate this desirable behavior in others and, as leaders, help cultivate this valuable behavior in our teams?

Give the article a read, and see if anything resonates around leadership, parenting and relationships overall. Reply with your thoughts in the comments below.

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