The Power of Possible


The Power Of Possible

BEing a Leader of Self and bringing Servant Leadership each day starts with you.  Sounds simple yet it can be the most challenging situation to face.  To really look inside of ourselves with authentic courage about how we are truly showing up to those around us is an area we often avoid.

It begins with two key questions; “what do you really want?” and “what are you willing to do to get there?”

Often times we limit ourselves to what our true possibilities are due to a lack of commitment to what is important or confidence that we can obtain these areas in our lives.

Questions to ask your self.

What is your true why?                                                                                                                          

The why that makes you cry attached to your heart.  The reason you get up every morning, drive yourself to complete your priorities each day.

Who do you wish to be?                                                                                                                        

BEing the best person you can be, unveiling your authentic self while setting the example of true leadership.  It Means showing up, ready to serve those around you and with out judgment.

Inside our hearts holds the real truth.   “Own your stuff.”                                                                  

We are on a journey in our lives learning from every day experiences.  Though we are not always perfect in our decisions, owning them can create the best example of leadership and growth within your life and organization.  If you can’t live up to your best, be sure to make it right as fast as possible.

How do you show up?  

In my past, I was performance driven.  Now I choose to be servant driven.  Serving others is a choice we make and comes from a place in our hearts.  Being engaged from a place of service leads to great results in ALL areas of one’s life.

BEing present with the focus and attention on the needs of others can provide extraordinary insight to achieve your possibilities.  Look at the great leaders in your life and see if they aren’t focused primarily on those around them.

The rewards of living my life, being true to self and showing up real and raw have provided rich experiences that I share with those I lead.  Tap into your power of possibilities as you remove all the barriers that don’t truly exist.  Enjoy your journey……

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