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Perseverance….Does your focus turn into commitment?

Sometimes we must carry those we lead on our shoulders What does having perseverance mean in your organization? So often when we face obstacles and challenges we lose focus of our goals and vision. Looking at the true definition of perseverance – steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Expectations today are …

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Reasonable vs Unreasonable

So let’s play with the distinction of BEing Reasonable vs Unreasonable.  When we are always “reasonable” then results and outcomes may be somewhat blah, predictable and flat in the end.  Think about this distinction in the context that if we don’t ask, then we will most likely not receive. What if we decided to be …

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Your Organization – Addressing Division

  ” A house divided against it self cannot stand.”             Abraham Lincoln In the reality of today’s media, politics and leadership with in companies we are facing situations that bring to light division in thought, direction and goals.  Are you facing the dilemma of a divided company and your leaders …

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You Will Receive 100% of What You Don’t Ask For

So often when connecting with organizations for the first time the communication and their focus is first on what they think they need not what they want.  It is almost a “fearful area” to address what we truly want out of situations we are faced with on a daily basis. In asking for what we …

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Willing to Have Courageous Conversations?

Leading with a servant heart takes an act of courage.  Being open to communicate your beliefs, acknowledging you don’t have all the answers, and being authentic are qualities that will help you build relationships as a leader.  It all starts with a courageous conversation. Courageous conversations create the most growth.  I love this quote from …

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