Sustainable Leadership


Sustainable Leadership

What does that mean in your organization and the individuals you lead?

Often as a Leader we do not look ahead to see how our role will continue even if we step aside. Are we serving and developing our team members to grow into new roles and new opportunities creating future leaders?

Sustainable leadership involves rising to the challenge of bringing awareness to old assumptions and engaging with others to bring new solutions and innovative ideas to the organization.

To ensure that the leadership team will grow and maintain the vision of the organization we must be willing to have courageous conversations with our peers and those we lead.

Accountability – taking responsibility for our decisions and actions is vital whether they are good or bad.

Courage – taking the risk, taking action and seeking new solutions to the opportunities that arise in your organization will be key in creating your culture of sustainable leadership.

Transition and sustainable leadership can be difficult because it involves change which most people can be quite uncomfortable with.  Fear of change and the unknown can cause individuals you lead to lose focus and productivity.  Negativity becomes present.  Even more reason to focus and lean on accountability and courage within our leadership principles.

Our country is going through transition currently with people expressing many different views of concern.  As Americans, we know we will experience this transition every four years.  Yet each time we transition to a new leader, many people find the transition difficult to deal with even if they have voted for the candidate.

The Solution for us as Leaders……

BEing in touch with our authentic self, showing up ready to serve those we lead.  BEing engaged, BEing present will be the key to having your vision live beyond your presence in your organization.

In order to truly up level overall sustainability within leadership, we must focus on you and what you will do to make the organization and relationships the best ever.  Then the chips will fall where they may.

Heartfelt questions to ask yourself as a Leader…..

In your organization, do you have the support of the people you lead?

Will they keep the vision alive that you have worked so hard to create?

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