Self Talk Our Inner Voice Speaks


Self Talk Our Inner Voice Speaks

Be careful of how you are speaking to yourself  because you are listening.   ~Lisa M Hayes


We have all experienced our inner voice.  It may be positive and supportive or perhaps negative and doubting depending on what opportunity is in front of us. Engaging in self talk may not always be a conscious practice in our day to day activities yet it exists.

The conversation inside you speaks volumes as to the outcome of the task before you.  It is a proven fact that the information you receive from others is not directly responsible for making a significant change but the self-talk inside your head is always remembered and will determine the actions you proceed with.

Athletes are a great example of utilizing self-talk. As they remind themselves to stay in the moment, breath and just do what they know how to do.  The internal voice triggers the strength to push through the pain and the discomfort when they are training or competing.  Our minds give up well before our bodies in most cases.

Successful athletes are known to boost their performance by making a practice of using self-talk.  Confidence in their own ability must exist and supported by positive words.   Perhaps a simple meaningful phrase that can be used as their mantra will help them to be focused on the task before them.

So let’s look at our leadership roles.  How is our inner voice speaking to us?  Our inner talk creates the story of how you lead and how we are being perceived when we lead.  The power of our inner voice determines whether we find success or predetermine our failure.  If we are not getting what we want out of self and others it may be the story in our head.

Leadership requires us to function like an athlete.  When we have positive conversations within, we lead our team with confidence.  The story we tell ourselves creates and impacts the outcome of our success and those around us.  We will enjoy more of the conversations we have with ourselves if we choose to be positive from the inside out..

Be aware and listen to your inner voice.  With your awareness, take control of the conversation to insure it is structured with positive, inspiring dialog so that you will lead and serve to influence and inspire those who follow.



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