Reasonable vs Unreasonable


So let’s play with the distinction of BEing Reasonable vs Unreasonable.  When we are always “reasonable” then results and outcomes may be somewhat blah, predictable and flat in the end.  Think about this distinction in the context that if we don’t ask, then we will most likely not receive.

Reasonable Vs Unreasonable

What if we decided to be unreasonable and did so by giving ourselves permission to do so?  Yes, what if we break out of the norm and be courageous and a bit different?  This is not suggesting to act dismissive, arrogant or assumptive and operating at high risk but rather just the opposite.  Yes, serve and lead like you have never done before.  In some cases, it may involve asking another person or others around you to do the same.

Do you have examples of when you were consciously unreasonable vs being predictably reasonable and the result was most memorable?  If you would like to share, then please send them to me.  I would love to hear from you.

Now apply being Reasonable vs Unreasonable to how we serve each other here on our teams on a daily basis.  Instead of playing it safe and pretending you don’t know how to really serve…just do it.  You know how to, so push for the want to!!  Ask someone how you may be of service regardless of how unreasonable it may sound.  Would they perhaps take this experience and apply it to others in the organization?  Would your example of who you’re BEing change the way someone serves another?  Yes, in fact it will.  Imagine for a minute what this team will create with some ‘unreasonable’ behavior?

So try it.  Ask yourself, what will I do in the next few weeks to be unreasonable?  What is the worst thing that can happen?  Someone says no thank you.  However, what if you being unreasonable makes someone’s day or entire week?  Or you help them see something they wouldn’t otherwise see.  Are you okay with that wonderful responsibility?  I certainly hope so.

Have fun BEing unreasonable…


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