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There are five core principles that I believe are vital to the character of a leader. Integrity, Accountability, Courage, Passion and Humility and Passion. It is not enough for  leaders to simply have these characteristics, but to show up in ways that ripple into the rest of the organization.  Let’s start the new year and embody these characteristics in ways that make sense to you as an individual and to grow the people around you. 

Integrity – I am my word!

Living in integrity is living and honoring our word.  Often we over commit or promise with no follow-through and this starts to eat away at that integrity, your word.  As servant leaders, we must be true to ourselves with words and deeds, so that we are able to give from the heart.  When our word is not true, our heart cannot be fully true either. We should think more critically about agreements, small or large, before we give our word to another person. Is the agreement something that aligns with our values? Is it realistic? Think carefully about giving your word to people and what you are giving it to represent. 

Accountability – Responsible for all…thoughts, words and actions!

I love and coach the concept of agreements versus expectations. As leaders it isn’t helpful if we just send an email with what is expected and when the task should be completed. Have a conversation with the people involved, what are their ideas and what they and you will do.  What we will realistically accomplish in the time allotted? Agreements are created by being courageous and authentic with our language. Honor yourself and the other person by asking for what you want from one another. Involving other people in this agreement also makes you and them accountable in the outside world, instead of just making deadlines for ourselves in our heads. 

Courage- Not to eliminate fear but to be more courageous in our conversations!

What if we were all a bit more courageous with our word and what we wanted from one another regardless of relationship?  One thing I know is true, we will get 100% of what we don’t ask for!  So, muster the courage to ask for what you want and do a bit of preparation for the tough conversations. Understand what our triggers are and why.  Yes, courage is difficult for some.  However, when it comes to honoring our word and creating deeper relationships, courage is crucial.  

Passion – Towards a vision.  Be it yourself, your team or the organization.

It is the responsibility of a strong leader to share your vision while encouraging (not expecting) others to follow. Passion is the fire within you that ignites those you lead. When authentic passion is present it will propel a person into taking action.  A strong leader speaks with passion, emotion, and energy to encourage high morale and innovation within the organization. Being courageous to share your passion with an open heart so that others can keep it ignited, connects your organization.  Strong leaders empower individuals to create, think and develop innovative ideas which will provide your organization the ability to achieve the vision.

Humility – Neighbor to Empathy.  Place others before self.

I know that who I am BEing will always place myself under construction with the focus of serving others first.  Have I always gotten it right?  No. Will I strive to live my life with transparency, humility and gratitude?  Yes. BEing under construction to grow and develop ourselves and those we lead exposes us to uncharted territory.  Accepting the reality that ‘good’ is not ‘good enough’ and allowing ourselves to be under construction will inspire, impact and influence those around us to share their authentic, transparent selves.  A true shift in how we view our road to success.

Anything that we do as leaders within ourselves creates waves to the people we surround ourselves with. Be inspired and be inspiring to others to create habits that promote growth and internal acknowledgement of where you stand. What principle do you align with the most, which do you struggle with the most and why? What are your strategies to check in with yourself? Please Join me for THE LEADERSHIP Development Day 

“Leaders are anticipatory thinkers. They consider all consequences of their behaviors before they act.”

~ Brian Tracy

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