Plotting the Course: Creating your “I AM” Statement


Creating your “I AM” statement may be one of the most powerful processes you work through this year. Why? If created with truth and honesty, it can serve as a tool to help map your inner landscape in order to plot a course for living in harmony with your authentic self and reaching toward your greatest potential.

Start by drawing a quadrant on a piece of paper. Then list descriptive truths about yourself and your outlook in these four categories:

Plotting The Course: Creating Your “i Am” Statement

1) Innate gifts & talents

2) Enduring passions

3) Judgment & resentment issues

4) What you believe society needs

These four “quadrants” are all supported by Source (who you ARE) and Spirit (what is your BEing). Once each quadrant is full, begin writing out your “I AM” Statement and allow your writing to just flow. Then, come back to it and create a structure that will allow you to say it out loud, powerfully and full of authenticity. Next, speak it into a voice-recording device (in the iPhone, you may access this function through “Voice Memos”). Play it back until it reflects 100% authenticity for you in your life today.

The processfilling up the quadrants, free-flow writing of statement and recording your true self—may take days or weeks. However long, the sooner you accomplish it, the sooner you will have a statement that describes Who You ARE and Who You BE.

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