Please Don’t Label Me!


Please Don’t Label Me!My son Jackson created a label and gave it to me the other day.

“Dad I love you from Jackson” 

I appreciated his thought and creativity in utilizing the label maker to send me a message; which so touched my heart.  Later that day, I began thinking of the ‘label maker’ inside of our heads.  You know, the one that labels another person sending out subliminal messages.

Have you ever discounted the abilities of someone; either a coworker, family member or friend because of the label you placed on them?  A label that may not actually be entirely authentic or real to that person?

Let’s take a look at the authentic relationships we have with others around us. Specifically, those we serve in our closest circles.  As we often never get past what it is they do or what we perceive of them.

Exploring our perception of others brings to mind also what others perceive us to be.  Are we being labeled?  Have you ever spoken with someone who will not take a risk because it does not fit the label of them selves?  Have you personally not taken on a role due to your personalized label of your self?   Sounds unfair.

Lets take an example of actors.  Actors are fearful of being labeled or boxed in as only one type of character because it will reduce the availability of the roles that they may play.

To serve and empower others we must learn to see past the labels of our own perception.

Perhaps by looking past the labels we can see how someone really feels about you and I suggest that you take the time to share how you really feel about others through sharing of appreciation of the true authentic person.  Seeing past the flaws, the imperfections (which is rooted in judgement) and seeing the beauty of the heart and soul of the person.

How rich our relationships will be with our spouse, our children when we look past the label and see the true potential of the person.  Empowering someone to live beyond their vision of themselves will create new possibilities in all areas of their life and yours as you live true servant heart leadership.


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