New Beginnings…Welcoming 2020


In a few short days we begin a new decade, a new beginning.  Reflections of our relationships, roles and practices have been our topics over the past few months and now is the time to leap forward as we begin this new decade.  Are your new beginnings and hopes going to be tied to new intentions?  For the sake of “new” please consider new behaviors to create new results!!

Think of the “Roaring 20’s” or “Jazz Age.”  The 1920’s was the first decade to have a nickname.  It was a time of prosperity and dissipation, known for raccoon coats, flappers, bootleggers, Jazz bands and of course, dancing.

The culture of the twenties was exuberant and energetic with individuals expressing a flare that brought dramatic social and political change.  What change will you be bringing into the new decade?  Or are you going to wait for someone else to remind you how to think, act and dance?  Create what you want to roar about!

Perhaps raccoon is not your favorite animal and you don’t like jazz.  But what about dancing more?  What if we move about a bit more and actually celebrate wildly even the small wins by dancing?  Don’t tell anyone, but I dance around all the time reminding myself how wonderful it is to be alive, well and blessed.

Please note I am not suggesting that you begin to make bathtub gin this upcoming decade but to leap into your role of leadership with your own unique flare.  Create your legacy…even if just for the next ten years.  Now is the time to be expressive and fearless in your interactions and allow your vision to come alive with no hesitations.

There is no one else out there like you.  This uniqueness and an opportunity for a new beginning is the start for the magic you create for the next decade.  Please don’t wait for a sign and don’t wish for this or that.  You have everything you need to roar, dance and BE who you say you want to be.  Show the world who and what you are made of and why 2020 will be a decade like none other.

In service,


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