Looking Back To Move Forward

Every year millions of people set off to set some kind of goal for the new year. It brings hope that we may have another chance at being a better version of ourselves. I challenge you to shift how you are looking at this and instead of only looking forward, reflect on the past year. What are things that you will let go of things you want to let go of. Then determine your top five things that you will accomplish in 2021.

Self Reflection

A question that I asked of myself was, how am I going to take ownership of who I am as well as the person you have potential to be? The answer to this was acknowledging the things that have been dragging me down and impairing my ability to fully grow in my new roles and hit my goals as the best person I want to be. Here are some things that I’ve thought about in my own reflections:
Things I want to completely let go of:
  • Judgement
  • The need to be validated
  • Jealousy
  • Insecurity about worth to others
Success I will create in 2021:
  • Unconditional love for my boys
  • Solid loving relationship with my final partner
  • Large virtual leadership conference serving thousands
  • Continue to inspire and elevate those around me
Just the practice of reflecting on the past year supported me in moving forward to truly important things and accomplishing my goals and dreams. Reflection looks into the past for deep meaning so that we can go forward and with purpose. I always say, why not start now? And I did! One goal apart from my boys was to create THE LEADERSHIP Development Day. We created a gathering place for leadership, communication and relationship experts to serve a wide variety of people all in one powerful day. Everyone presenting will bring their short and powerful stories to help others grow in the moment.
Challenge: 1. list five things that you want to let go of this year. 2. list five goals and visions that you have for 2021. This exercise will help pave the way for you to take ownership of where you come from and the person that you have been but also own the person that you know and desire to become.

“Leadership is not simply a matter of going in alone and bearing all the burden ourselves.”

~ Barack Obama

In Service, 


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