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Is it becoming harder to make plans for the long-term and to set goals because of all the uncertainty that surrounds us nowadays? Are vacations being imagined without dates? Where are you going to be in three, six or nine months? There are increasing conversations around self-care and why we should continue to distance ourselves from others. I believe when we do this it is important to not get caught up in the doomsday or victim feeling of it all. Life is moving on, whether it feels good or not!  And our hearts and visions for the future must be ready when we are.  Leaders, are you listening to your hearts? 

A Vision & A Goal

Setting a legacy for the future is important and we must own our roles to remain a powerful influence to the organization. Knowing why we want a legacy, why we do what we do and why this organization has a place in the future, all means that we have a vision for the future. Having an answer to any or all of those questions means that we see a future worth doing something for now and thus a vision for what it will be. But there is a difference between a goal and a vision. Goals are mostly egocentric in nature. They are made with success in mind. We need goals to keep us going. However, visions set a mindset for the future and more importantly give us something to create a foundation for in the present.  Leaders, you are responsible for the vision. 

Limitless Leadership

The mindsets will vary, but I urge you to take a growth and owner mindset when creating a vision for the future. The fixed or victim mindset is an easy default and it does not benefit anyone in the present or future. With a growth and owner mindset the sky’s the limit. You are equipped with a forever timeline. When you have that, the vision becomes malleable, creative and believable. A growth mindset paired with a solid vision for the organization is unstoppable and prepares everyone for tomorrow. The entire organization will see the vision and hear the hearts being placed into its creation.

Life is moving like a flowing river! Let it move and be a part of it. Create a vision so that the people you serve will be proud of and relate to. Let this not solely be for success but for the growth and development of all. Leaders, bring the owner mindset to everything you do. Why not start now? The new year is only a couple days away but visions and any good practice are solidified in routine and intention. Aden Leadership for THE LEADERSHIP Development Day on February 4th. Register now and set your intentions for the new year. 

“The difference between vision and a goal is the finish line. A goal is 26.2 miles. You can simply count the metrics and know when you’ve completed your goal. A vision is having a crystal clear sense of what the finish line looks like, but no idea of how far away it is.”
~ Simon Sinek

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