Leading With Laughter and Lightness


Leading With Laughter And Lightness

How do you lead? This is a question for everyone. What is your ‘opening act’? What comes forward first when meeting new people?

We have looked at various ways to lead with service that are in line with things like compassion, gratitude and humility, but today I want to talk about leading with laughter. Many times we can get caught up in the seriousness of life and our workof striving to get to the next stepwhen one of the best ways to travel is light.

Laughter loosens up creativity. It bonds us with the people around us. It can quickly dispel conflict. It is also a potent ingredient in service leadership. How better to serve others than to make them laugh?

You might be thinking, “I am not the jovial type, I am not the one to entertain.” Entertainment is different. I am advocating for doing what we can in our organizations to lighten the mood, to introduce playfulness in the day-to-day culture. This is something companies have paid more attention to in recent years due to the rise of the Millennial demand for favorable company cultures. While there have been a range of interesting responses to this phenomenon (ahem, Chief Playtime Officer), there only needs to be a genuine effort to cultivate an atmosphere of support and ease… and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a few good laughs along the way!

How do you lead with laughter and lightness? Reply in the comments below.

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