Leading and Living From the Heart


Leading And Living From The Heart


The journey and path with Leadership can introduce us to new opportunities and causes to support when you least expect it.  Approximately 18 months ago I was introduced to JC Heinen through a colleague of Strategic Connections.  My personal interest at the time was to meet leaders within the health care industry.  I was thrilled to meet JC as this was the space she had worked in for years.

Through this initial connection with JC I learned more about how my project “The Patient Experience Index” would apply to the healthcare space she knew so well.  However, in getting to know JC and what was truly important to her, I also learned she was extremely passionate about her Foundation called Jessie’s Heart.  Jessie’s Heart Foundation’s mission is to provide support for children with heart defects that reduces emotional, physical and financial stress for the families.

JC lost her daughter after only 22 months due to congenital heart defects.  In 2007 Jessie’s Heart Foundation was established in remembrance of her daughter Jessica Renee.

So as I listened to JC’s experience I was presented with  the opportunity to help with a fund raiser last October for the foundation.  I then joined the board to help the cause and to bring more awareness to my personal community to help the organization as well.

Earlier this year I suggested we create a leadership conference to serve a much broader audience and enroll hospitals and supporters in Colorado to all come together, to learn and grow for a day all with the intention of raising money for Jessie’s Heart.  As you are aware, I am a hospitality person through and through.  Hosting conferences is a huge passion of mine.  Bringing good people together for a great cause will always make sense to me.  Besides, there are enough Black-Tie events.  So here is something people can give to, talk from, experience and share with others afterwards.

Please join me for this day of inspiration while supporting a cause with heart.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about this upcoming event.  Bring your friends, colleagues and family in remembrance of  Jessica Renee and the birth of a foundation for “Healing Little Hearts”.


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