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A couple of weeks ago I attended The Global Leadership Conference in Chicago with approximately 9,000 others gathered to fill our hearts and minds with why leaders in this world are so critical. Let’s explore why leaders carry an incredible responsibility to those we serve.

Side note around WHY. Why do I love almond milk so much? Because it is non-dairy, good for you and it always seems you reach in, take a sip and you discover it hasn’t expired!!

I often ask “why” to those I lead. Knowing your very own “why,” what makes you feel inspired will always aid you in having the laser focus needed to achieve your vision.

It is hard to imagine one wouldn’t be inspired to lead others, therefore I am not sure what inspired leadership really means. Are we inspired to lead because we know it will influence others to be their greater selves and bring meaning to our work as a noble cause?

So instead of reaching for a book on inspired leadership or thinking that there is a can of leadership with inspiration inside, take a moment; recognize and accept why you are a leader. It is not easy, and certainly not for those who are not or won’t be courageous.

Where does your leadership show up with the greatest influence? Home, work, community… all the above? These are areas as leaders where we must have our own self-awareness. Being and living an authentic life places you on the path of influence. We have all heard the saying “it is not what you say, but what you do” that places the greatest influence on others.

Inspired to Influence from the inside out……

So I look to the sky, mountains and oceans for inspiration.  This is my place to reflect and be in touch with my inner self.  In this space I receive everything I need to feel grateful and fortunate. My boys give me that same feeling knowing they have helped me learn patience and presence.

What is your true calling to lead? Where do you receive inspiration to lead with the purpose of influencing others who are following?

So as you discover your place where you receive inspiration ask your self the following:

Are you becoming the leader others love to follow? Notice I didn’t ask becoming the leader others love.

Why do they love following you?

Why are individuals choosing to not follow you?

And then I remind you…..your influence can not be assumed but must be earned just like trust.


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